Vegans, Which food (s) shocked you by not being Vegan friendly ?

Answer Well, it didn't exactly shock me that most chocolate products aren't vegan, but it does make me angry that the government doesn't allow products called "chocolate" to contain vegetable fat.What the... Read More »

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Is it hard to be a vegan What do vegans eat?

No, not at all. I love being vegan!!! We eat anything that's not an animal or a product of an animal, like vegetables, fruit, beans, tofu, grains, quinoa, ext. Also, a lot of non-vegans are surpris... Read More »

A vegan seeking advice from raw vegans?

Keep it simple (5 ingredients max) and keep it large( you wanna get enough calories in). Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots or parsnips for extra crunch, then add some Bariani olive o... Read More »

Vegans: What is the hardest part of being vegan?

Vegans will you raise your children to be vegan?

I am a vegan, and yes I will feed my kids vegan food. If they decide that veganism isn't for them and they'd like to eat meat - then I wont hold that against them. But whilst they are under my roof... Read More »