Vegan school lunch ideas?

Answer If the school doesn't allow students to bring lunch from home, it must make special accommodations for some students. You're not the only student with a special diet and the school must recognize i... Read More »

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Easy vegan school lunch ideas?

Make sandwiches that are a little different, like lettuce, celery, tomatoes, raisins, pineapple and cheeseDune

Packed lunch for a Vegan any ideas Please?

You could do something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a tomato sandwich, pasta noodles or rice, hummus and pita bread, and many types of fresh fruits and vegetables ........ here ... Read More »

Help! School lunch ideas!?

I'm vegetarian!! -high fives- anyways, I usually have sandwiches, and normal food like pasta or rice and beans, but I can use a microwave... Something that I used to do is just bring like a ton of ... Read More »

What are some healthy lunch ideas for school?

Actually Cream cheese is not all that healthy, you can always substitute hummus. Try it before you turn up your nose. LOL. I love bagels too, but they are also high in calories and some people don'... Read More »