Vegan burger?

Answer HiIt depends how much your making is it for one or for more people and how big is the burger?if its for one I would recommend a few sliced up mushrooms,a small amount of brown rice,half an onion ,... Read More »

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Vegan burger anyone can answer?

go find a recipe at

Regular Burger Cheese Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or Veggie Burger?

Veggie Burger!The best is Amy's Kitchen Bistro Burger

Texas Burger Bacon Cheese Burger Or regular Cheese Burger Which do you like better?

Wow, I've never tried that before. I guess I should try one today hu?

What's the difference between a weak burger and a burger that has strength?

The amount of garlic one uses would make them strong. Mine are strong, sometimes TOO strong and they lift the bun right off the top!...