Vegan; Why are many of you only explaining health aspects?

Answer It's true, it's important to talk about the ethics. In fact, it's the most important of all! But you see, people are not willing to have much empathy nowadays; they're only concerned about themselv... Read More »

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From a health standpoint only, is vegan cheese healthier than regular cheese?

Actually from what I read yesterday, neither. I appears that you are much better off grating your own cheeses. It has to do with processing. As to healthier cheese Romano/Parmesano is probabl... Read More »

Vegan diet and health benefits?

There are no health benefits to the vegan diet. None. In fact, you will need to take manufactured pills to stay healthy. Who says so? The Vegan Society, VRG, and at least two vegan registered dieti... Read More »

What are the health benefits of becoming vegan?

Mike Tyson is vegan. Does he look frail or anemic? Vegans are especially at risk of becoming anemic and this isn't my opinion, this is based on studies. I'm not vegan so I take the middle road and ... Read More »

Is it legal to eat a "vegan only" diet?

They have to be transported from the planet ' veganis' after filling out applications to join meat eaters on earth. They have to be cleansed using bio filters and only then are they deemed fit for ... Read More »