Vegan: How can I be fit if these are my problems?

Answer First, toss out cow-milk dairy products -- they are either high in fat or reversely, high in animals proteins which leads to Calcium depletion. Use plant-based milks instead.For beverages, drink /... Read More »

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Transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan: Digestive Problems?

Just making sure you're aware-veganism is about a lot more than what you eat.If you didn't eat vegetables as a vegetarian, what did you eat? Bread, pasta, junk and fruit? Beans, whole grains, veget... Read More »

Passive vegan or outspoken vegan...If YOU are vegan, which one are you and WHY?

LOLwut and RafC's answers are wonderful; that's the spirit!!!I'm an outspoken vegan, of course.Imagine the time when slavery was the common thing... and someone didn't "believe" in slavery, but did... Read More »

Vegan parents, would you take advantage of charity programs that couldn't provide vegan options?

Tell me, are these hypothetical charities also telling Jewish parents that they can't guarantee that their kids won't be fed pork, or parents of coeliac children that they can't guarantee their chi... Read More »

Is it possible to raise my infant son vegan, starting @ infancy (Vegan 'rents plz read)?

Have you asked you pediatrician? Obviously, if the parents of the baby that died would have asked there doc, maybe they could have kept the child alive. Children need certain nutrients that come fr... Read More »