Vedio editing software?

Answer There are numerous free editing tools for video.If you are on a PC there are the following:1) JahshakaJahshaka is a free multi-use offline editing tool. Although it is still fairly new on the marke... Read More »

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Does anyone know where I can get Video editing software?

For editing video from the DVD camcorders, you options are much more limited than say for mini-DV.Here are some editors that's will work with mpeg2 files: Read More »

What is the best photo editing software?

I'm sure you're going to get a lot of people on here telling you that Photoshop is tops- and I totally agree! Now that I am into photography I find that having a good photo editing program is essen... Read More »

What is image editing software?

Image editing software programs enable a user to modify digital images on a computer. Image editing software can be simple programs that are developed for the general user, or they may be comprehen... Read More »

Which is the BEST video editing software?

I have used a few video editing programs and the easiest one has been Photo MovieTheater. Very easy to use with professional features and same sort of layout as Movie Maker however a lot more power... Read More »