Vector 12 Volt Battery Charger Instructions?

Answer The Vector 12-volt battery charger is a portable battery charger that can be used to charge batteries for appliances or cars. If your car battery is low, use the terminal connectors to charge your ... Read More »

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Schumacher 12 Volt Battery Charger Instructions?

Schumacher brand battery chargers are highly regarded by automotive repair professionals and home-based enthusiasts alike. The reputation this brand enjoys has been earned over the years by the rel... Read More »

The Best Ways to Hook Up a Six-Volt Charger to a Six-Volt Battery?

Charging a battery is generally safe and fairly simple. However, it is important to attach a battery charger designed to charge your specific type of battery. It is also important to charge a 6-vol... Read More »

How to Charge a Battery With a Vector Battery Charger?

Flat car batteries can be a real inconvenience. You need to charge the battery before the car will function again. This can be done with another car's working battery. If you do not have another ca... Read More »

Can you use a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 6-volt battery?

Yes if you wish to blow yourself up!Actually I found out that if you are using a trickle charger, you can. But thanks anyway.