Variety of currant biscuit?

Answer Garibaldi is the classic currant biscuit. Fruit shortcake are good for dunking.

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What is a red currant berry?

What is black currant oil?

Black currant oil, also called black currant seed oil, is made from pressing black currant seeds. Black currants, more familiar in Europe, are small round berries that grow on small bushes.Gamma-Li... Read More »

What Is an Indian Currant?

Indian Currant, also called Coralberry, has the botanical name Symphoricarpos orbiculatus. It is part of the Honeysuckle family of plants and is actually an uncommon shrub, according to Duke Univer... Read More »

What is currant jelly?

Currants are also known as ribes. They are related to the gooseberry, buffalo currant and the jostaberry. Currants look similar to a cluster of grapes when growing on the vine, and like grapes they... Read More »