Varieties of Melons Available in October?

Answer While summertime is commonly considered the time of year for eating melons, some varieties are available during the fall months. Some of these melons may be grown in the U.S. and some are imported ... Read More »

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What are the dangers of replacing old varieties with new varieties using biotechnology?

Opinions on dangers of biotechnology There is a risk of narrowing the genetic pool so plants then become weaker over time. It can increase dependence on artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Some... Read More »

If your insurance bill is due on October 1 is that payment for September or October?

Yes. If your payment is due on October 01, then that is the payment for October. I'm not sure why you would think it's the September payment...

How can you tell if melons are ripe?

Generally, you can tell if a melon (growing from the garden) is ripe when the stem turns brownish in color.

How to Grow Melons?

When warm weather and growing season arrives, a favorite sweet fruit of summertime are melons. These juicy treats are versatile and great to eat off the vine or in cooled dishes, and are full of vi... Read More »