Variable not returning?

Answer Because some your multipliers are performing an INTEGER divide which results in zero.(degree ± something) * (ZERO); is going to be zero.But this one is okay: ((degree - 32) / 1.8); break; // Ce... Read More »

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How to Solve for One Variable in Terms of Another Variable?

An equation with multiple variables, or a multivariate equation, is as dependent on those variables as the variables are on each other. Often, as with a system of linear equations or solution of a ... Read More »

When is Torchwood returning to tv?

I hate to break it to you but I don't think it is. At the end of the last 5-part series Ianto dies, Jack left earth, Gwen was heavily pregnant and the hub was blown up. This kind of leabes the prod... Read More »

When is CSI Miami returning to RTE?

It returns on September 19 at 9:01 on ABC! Dont miss it!

Returning eyeglasses twice?

It will never hurt to try! Explain to them exactly what happened and maybe even tell them that you were unhappy with their service which caused you to feel overwhelmed and forced into buying someth... Read More »