Vanilla Orchid Plants?

Answer The vanilla orchid plant is raised on farms in India and Mexico as a commercial crop. The pods of the vanilla orchid plant are used to make vanilla extract, which is used as a flavoring in baking. ... Read More »

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How to Water Orchid Plants?

Orchid flowers are highly prized and orchid societies around the world attest to the popularity of raising this plant. Many orchids are epiphytes which grow on trees so their requirements differ fr... Read More »

How do I separate orchid plants?

TimingMonitor your orchids from year to year; if they are producing fewer or smaller blossoms, or the new leaf growth is smaller than the old growth, it's time to repot or divide the orchid.Prepare... Read More »

How do I prune orchid plants?

Prune orchids in the fall, at the end of their growing season, when the flowers have died and dropped off. Monitor the stems for health, and prune only those that have turned yellow or brown. Cut ... Read More »

How do I divide orchid plants?

Divide orchids when they are older and well established. Dividing older orchids is easy and healthy for the plant, whereas dividing young orchids may weaken it. Soak the orchid's substrate in water... Read More »