Question;if I send someone a comment private, does it send to their Inbox ?

Answer If you checked the box that says "private" yes it will go into their inbox rather than on their comments page

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If you send someone a message on Facebook who you don't know, does it go into their "other" box?

No, it goes to the inbox. People generally don't answer for the messages sent by unknown person. Sometimes, the messages contain virus.

How to send a private message to someone on twitter without them following u?

Could someone send me their unused itunes gift card code?

If you visit the iTunes website, you'll see that they have a promotion going on right now for a free $5 gift card if you sign up for a new account.I've heard that you can set up a few accounts and ... Read More »

What is a good message to send to make someone think I blocked their number?

I have blocked people before and when I try to text a number to a blocked phone this is roughly what I get back. "The number you are trying to reach [input number] doesn't exist".