Valve Stem Tools?

Answer Valve stem tools are essential when working on basic tire repairs, from fixing flats and gauging tire pressure to replacement. This equipment is portable, affordable and available at most automotiv... Read More »

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How to Take Out the Valve Stem of a Tire?

A valve stem is a spring-loaded device that helps keep air in your tires. The valve stem has a small attachment that allows air to enter when pressed, for when you need to inflate your tires. Valve... Read More »

How to Use a Valve Stem 4 in 1 Tool?

Valve stem 4-in-1 tools consist of four arms. Each arm contains a specific tool designed to repair the components of a valve stem. Knowing which tool to use to fix a problem with a valve stem will ... Read More »

How to Fix the Tire Valve Stem?

A tire maintains air pressure by creating a seal with the rim. The bead of the tire places substantial pressure on the lip of the rim, creating a portion of the seal. The rubber base of the valve s... Read More »

How to Put a Valve Stem Pin in a Tire?

A tire comes with a valve stem pin that operates to both inflate and deflate the tire. Releasing air from a tire happens when the pin is depressed. A faulty valve stem pin needs to be replaced to e... Read More »