Valve Spring Specifications?

Answer When building an engine, or replacing worn valve train components, some of the most often overlooked yet critical items are the valve springs. Valve springs play a vital role in how well an engine ... Read More »

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Engine Valve Spring Specifications?

Engine valve springs are coil springs located in the engine housing. The valve spring's main responsibility is to ensure the lifters stay in contact with the camshaft. The lifter is a main componen... Read More »

Smallblock Valve Spring Specifications?

Since the days when the V-8 engine was invented, most engines below 350 cubic inches are called "small blocks." Hundreds of different small blocks exist from various manufacturers. For all small bl... Read More »

The Specifications of a 1995 LT1 Valve Spring?

GMC used the LT1 engine in its 1995 muscle car models as well as a couple of its sports utility vehicles. This means that the Firebird, Camaro and Corvette all carry the LT1. This was replaced by t... Read More »

How to Use a Valve Spring Compressor?

Valve springs are under tremendous pressure when installed, making improper removal dangerous. Additionally, the installation of valve springs without a valve spring compressor is almost impossible... Read More »