Values & Ethics in Geriatrics?

Answer Health care professionals use moral values and ethical decision making to assist geriatric patients. Geriatric individuals include the elderly over the age 65. The aging process carries with it med... Read More »

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Personal Ethics & Business Values?

It is a common fallacy that personal ethics and business values are entirely separate things, that a person can maintain healthy, positive relationships with family and friends while pursuing selfi... Read More »

Geriatrics & Dementia?

Geriatrics is a branch of medicine that treats diseases unique to older people, such as dementia, a progressive deterioration in intellectual function. Dementia makes it difficult or impossible for... Read More »

Geriatrics & Depression?

For most people, growing old comes with a host of new physical and emotional challenges. Although aging is a natural part of life, it can mean deep sadness and despair as one reaches the final year... Read More »

Tax Assessed Values Vs. Home Values?

Properties have different types of values associated with them -- assessed, appraised, market, insured -- and the terms are confusing to many people. It is difficult to understand why your neighbor... Read More »