Value Stock vs. Growth Stock Long-Term Return?

Answer Value and growth stocks are two categories of stocks that reflect the financial metrics of the underlying companies. Investors consider value stocks "cheap" and growth stocks "expensive," but each ... Read More »

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How to Invest in the Stock Market for the Long-Term?

Although it is possible for short-term traders to make money from time to time, the stock market is primarily a vehicle for long-term investing. Investing money for the long haul means having the d... Read More »

Is WFC a value or a growth stock?

Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) is considered both a value and a growth stock. It is a value stock because it has a long history of paying stable dividends, and it is a growth stock because of its potentia... Read More »

What Is the Average Return of the Stock Market?

Although the return on investment for an entire stock market changes from year to year, U.S. stocks have historically achieved a 10 percent gain each year over time, according to Motley Fool.Source... Read More »

How to Calculate Daily Stock Return?

The value of a stock will move up and down during the market day as investors buy and sell shares. Traders who move in and out of stocks with short-term trades want to know the daily return on an i... Read More »