Valsa Cincta on Plum Trees?

Answer Plum trees are well adapted to growing in all regions of the country, and the fruit is widely used in fresh, cooked or processed form. The early flowering period of the tree, however, makes blooms ... Read More »

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In which soil do rice trees and plum trees grow?

The rice plant, which is not a tree but actually a grass, grows best in soil that is tilled and sprinkled with fertilizer such as manure. Plum trees, on the other hand, require soil that is well dr... Read More »

How do I fertilize plum trees?

Apply one ounce of complete fertilizer such as a 12-16-12 fertilizer, following the directions on the fertilizer bag, per square yard. During the first three years, applying fertilizer is not neces... Read More »

How do I water plum trees?

WateringWater your plum tree once a week using a gardening hose, watering can or sprinklers. In the southwest United States, water twice a week. Most plum trees needs about an inch of water a week.... Read More »

How to Prune Plum Trees?

Pruning plum trees is not a task as they don't really need a lot of pruning once established. This article provides a quick rundown on what to do.