Valentine's Day boosted the PIC & pulled the trendline up a week. Do you think Spring Fever will also do this?

Answer i wish i could hear you say the word boink.type it over and over again and let me fantasizeoh to answer your q, with spring break and prom coming up, there will be several pages of "Am I Pergo" que... Read More »

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Your son is 5 years old was out of school all last week went to doctor and they said he had strep but didn't do a culture prescribed an antibotic and it has been a week and still running a fever?

yes. The technical term for a fever is 98.6, it varies though depending on the person. So it might no be a fever if it was 99.4 or something around that range. So yes, it doesn't matter nescarily i... Read More »

Can a pulled muscle cause fever?

No. There is no correlation between pulled muscles and fever. If they occur together, look for coincidences.

Poll do you have spring fever?

yes and no spring like weather one minute - the next downpour of rain

What can you eat a week after getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled?

Try.... Campbells Soup at hand yogurt pudding applesauce.Answer I like Ramen Noodles,Oodles of Noodles-stuff like that works great, just dont eat it when its too hot. A wendy's frosty sounds great,... Read More »