Vaio movie story or windows movie maker?

Answer Get rid of Vaio Movie Story, or both if you are not going to use them.If there is not way to uninstall them through the Control Panel, then look for an executable that will do the uninstall within ... Read More »

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How Do I Play a Movie Made in Windows Movie Maker Through Windows Live Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a video-editing program available on Windows 7. The previous version, called Windows Movie Maker, was available on Windows ME through Vista operating systems. Movie Make... Read More »

How to format movie files from my camera to work on windows movie maker?

I have the same problem. I hope someone knows what to do.

How to Make a Movie With a Webcam and Windows Live Movie Maker (Pre Teens)?

Want to do a movie? but only have a webcam.I'll help you solve your problem.

Windows 7 Movie Maker taking forever to save as a movie.?

Well how much did u do i made a youtube video and it was about 7:00 minutes long And it took about 30-40 minutes to save! it rediculous, But sony Vegas is better but u have to buy it!