Vagina's and their numerous uses?

Answer I use mine as a handbag; keep everything in there.My phone, pens, moneyAnd when my vagina is full I use my friends to carry things.

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Do girls have different looking vaginas?

They vary enormously. One might be neat with short labia. Others are quite messy looking with great long droopy labia. It depends on the guy's taste what's nice. Another guy might not like what I l... Read More »

Why do vaginas look so horrible?

My vaginas baking a loaf of bread?

Snookie, I'll never able to look at you the same way again.

Are overweight women's vaginas more loose then the average woman?

Well it's largely based on bone structure.. So in a way yes. But not because of the weight itself.If a women has wide set hips she'll probably have a wider set vagina. And often women who naturally... Read More »