Vaccum or vacuum?

Answer It is vacuum

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How to Use a Vaccum Former?

This page will tell you how to use a vacuum former and produce the perfect product. Also tips on staying safe.

Which is vaccum is best out of these brands?

I ran across this video a few weeks ago and found it very enlightening.…OK, 11 minutes is a lot of time to spend on a vacuum video, but it has some great... Read More »

Can you masturbate using a vaccum cleaner?

Yes. Not...a good...idea.Yes.For the male: let the penis go about half way into the hose and just let it suck you off.For the female: put the hose up to the loose skin and the vacuum cleaner will d... Read More »

I need to buy a new vaccum cleaner in the new year. I'm thinking of getting a Dyson, any suggestions?

Don't ask Dyson - just get recommendations from Yahoo visitors. I've used one & they're great - & you actually know when it's full - unlike a bag, where you'd have to keep checking. It seriously do... Read More »