VW Glow Plug Tools?

Answer Diesel engines use glow plugs to warm the engine. A warmer engine leads to better fuel combustion and less black smoke when starting the vehicle. Volkswagen diesel engines are available in several ... Read More »

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DIY: Glow Plug?

Diesel engines use diesel fuel instead of gasoline and also use glow plugs in the engine instead of spark plugs. These glow plugs are responsible for heating up the fuel and air inside the cylinder... Read More »

Specifications for an NGK Glow Plug?

Glow plugs were originally introduced and used for diesel vehicles for better engine starting and emissions; however, the glow plug is also used in cars. The glow plug allows the vehicle to cut dow... Read More »

How to Replace a Glow Plug in a VW?

Some Volkswagen vehicles come equipped with diesel engines. These diesel models have glow plugs integrated into the cylinder heads, instead of normal spark plugs; the glow plugs heat up the fuel in... Read More »

How do I Fix a 6.2 Diesel GMC Glow Plug?

Glow plugs are essential components in starting a diesel motor. The GM 6.2 L diesel was installed in GM and Chevy trucks between 1982 and 1993 and it had two different electronic controllers during... Read More »