VW Bug Exhaust Leak Symptoms?

Answer With its air-cooled cylinders, sturdy boxer construction and over-engineered rotating assembly, it's small wonder the VW Bug is known as one of the most reliable cars ever produced. However, no mat... Read More »

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Symptoms of an Exhaust Manifold Leak?

The exhaust manifold is an important component of the exhaust system. Gases from the engine are expelled through the exhaust manifold into the exhaust pipes and out of the vehicle. The manifold is ... Read More »

How to Find an Exhaust Leak?

The exhaust system on a vehicle is designed to carry the burned engine gases away from the car, according to If there is even one exhaust leak, these gases, which include poi... Read More »

How to Clamp an Exhaust Leak?

The exhaust on a car or truck directs the gasses built up from the internal combustion process out to the back of the vehicle, that way the gasses don't build up inside of the vehicle and cause a c... Read More »

Exhaust Leak Tips?

The exhaust system has the important job of directing and expelling combustion gases from the engine out the tailpipe. Sometimes restrictions block the flow of burnt gases and cause leaks. Other ti... Read More »