[VOTE] Do you use Windows XP, or Windows Vista Did you know there are alternatives?

Answer I have Vista and I like it, it's fine for my needs

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My windows xp printer does not work with my windows vista computer. help me .?

I had the same problem, all you have to do is go to the manufactures website and there should be a link for you to download the printer drivers you need to run your printer on your vista computer.

How do i remove pagerage from my computer completely if i have windows vista or windows xp?

Hey Justin -I've been using PageRage for a year and it hasn't made my computer crash. But to answer your actual question - have you tried following these steps?Uninstall Yontoo LayersUninstall fro... Read More »

How do I get my NETGEAR wireless router to send internet from my windows vista pc to my windows xp pc?

that so simple you jsut connect to you destop and then have fun just read the user guide and manuals carefully then you will understand how to install the router in order to work on vista pc

Is there a program for fax and scan in windows vista?

If you subscribe with an internet fax, sending and receiving of fax documents is very easy and convenient. You can even send unlimited fax documents and you may no longer use papers and inks to ge... Read More »