VOB to AVI Conversion?

Answer An abbreviation for video object, the VOB file extension is used to encode video data for storage on DVD. Since they are essentially digital videos, VOB files can be converted into alternate format... Read More »

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PDF to MP3 Conversion?

PDF (portable document format) is used to store and read files and documents on a computer, irrespective of the hardware, application software and operating system that you are using. An MP3 file, ... Read More »

PPS to PDF Conversion?

Adobe's Portable Document Format is a popular, easy-to use cross-platform document file standard. Microsoft Office products offer support for opening, editing and saving files encoded in Adobe PDF ... Read More »

Lug to 5-Lug Conversion?

Lugs are the bolts that extend from a car's wheel hubs. The car's wheels slide over the lugs and are secured with lug nuts. Different vehicles have different quantities of wheel lugs, but a five-lu... Read More »

WMV Conversion to AVI?

The WMV and AVI file extensions stand for Windows Media Video and Audio Video Interleave, respectively. Both are multimedia formats designed by Microsoft for audio-with-video playback; but, while ... Read More »