VISTA and XP Pro on same network?

Answer NO problem because both os use the same network architecuture.both are comptible to each other

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How to Set Up a LAN Network in Vista?

Windows operating systems are very network-friendly and Windows Vista is no exception. If you'd like to add your Windows Vista-powered computer to a LAN (local area network), the entire process is ... Read More »

Networking Vista on an XP Network?

1,You have to change the network groups' names to the SAME. For example, if your XP PC's workgroup name is "Workgroup", you should change your Vista PC's workgroup name to "Workgroup" as well. To d... Read More »

Vista - XP network problem?

On each machine go to the tcp/ip properties and click advanced. Use the wins tab to set always use netbios over tcp/ip and turn off use lmhosts. When the machine complains about an empty wins addre... Read More »

How many computers can I network on Vista?

You can network up to 10 computers in Windows Vista to share files and printers, on most home networks. On larger, professionally installed networks, the number of Windows Vista computers that can ... Read More »