VIRUS helpp please thanks :) !?

Answer First download the following (if the virus is blocking your internet, you may have to download these on another machine and burn to CD or copy to a USB memory stick) Malwarebytes: http://www.malwar... Read More »

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What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?

Take any anti-infammatory...Aspirin's the best, though...Keep it in ice-cold water, and don't move around a spreads the fire-ant poison...It you drink alcohol beverages, make them crushed ... Read More »

When a virus scanner scans a virus, is the virus deleted?

use the hijackthis software, it is easy to use. if you do not know, read this article that blog.acho that vai help you. the hijackthis of a list of all processes and the site which it says are dang... Read More »

How to remove Sality virus, I already formatted my pc and still the virus is here, I got the virus from usb?

Try the following:1. turn off system restore2. save free flash disinfector by sUBs to your desktop:…3. run free flash disinfector (it will tell you when to... Read More »