VIRUS helpp please thanks :) !?

Answer First download the following (if the virus is blocking your internet, you may have to download these on another machine and burn to CD or copy to a USB memory stick) Malwarebytes: http://www.malwar... Read More »

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Please helpp. insomnia!?

You should tell the doctor about this i used to have the same problem but i told the doctor and then it was all ok so pls tell the doctor

HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?

Take any anti-infammatory...Aspirin's the best, though...Keep it in ice-cold water, and don't move around a spreads the fire-ant poison...It you drink alcohol beverages, make them crushed ... Read More »

How to fix my hair please helpp!?

if you have an indent i your hair, you can always take some water and dampen the part that's indented, comb through it, but really lightly, and after that, use your hands to press down the damp par... Read More »

1993 gsxr 750 HELPP!!!!! PLEASE?

I had a 97 GSXR 750 at one point it would not idle or would idle irregular. I did numerous things but didn't solve it until I noticed I had slipped the throttle hand grip 1/4 away from where it sho... Read More »