Answer VEVO is on you tube because it serves as an advertisement. That's why the ads are there too. They are there so youtube can continually support its Business without making people pay and buy members... Read More »

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Why is vevo taking over youtube?

It's a long story.The three guys who started YouTube always intended it to be a site for ordinary people to upload and share home videos, shot with video camera or cell phone, with the users own so... Read More »

Is Vevo killing youtube?

The fact is, Vevo is bringing popular music to you for free, and making the artists money. It's a great service and the only way that they'll get more music is if we use it.

How Do I Make a Youtube - 'Vevo' Account!?

You can't just "make a VEVO account"! They don't let any fool under the sun make a Vevo account. You have to be a professorial musician and Vevo contacts you not the other way around.

How can I watch music videos on YouTube Vevo-channels?

Try clearing your cache, restarting your computer, restarting router, reinstalling your web browser, uninstalling any ad block, etc. One of these might work for you.

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