VERY easy Facebook question! :)?

Answer Its perfectly safe if setup correctly.For those saying google shows your name there is an option in the account settings: "Create a public search listing for me and submit it for search engine inde... Read More »

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No your not gonna dieTry drinking waterNd take some fresshhh airMake sure to sit for awhileIf your pain still continues Visit your doctorGood luck

Facebook question, easy points 2 u!!!?

Untag yourself.Look below the picture. You should see un-tag as an option. It will be off of your facebook.

Facebook question easy 10 points?

I have what I am sure is a very easy question about my computer running out of space.?

If you're running out of space, you need flash memory, not RAM.RAM is temporary memory that makes you computer run faster.It isn't true that you can't install it yourself, but if you're uncomfortab... Read More »