VERY Very Strange happened to me today, is this explained by science?

Answer ummm, im not sure and i don't think whats happening is normal:S see someone...

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Something strange just happened, can someone please explain?

Cant really give you an explanation but some times its meant for you to have a certain something. And weirdly something in the universe draws you near it. Like you knew you throw it away and it cam... Read More »

Fellow smokers, can you help me explain what the hell happened, I've never had such a strange high?

LOL Dude that sounds awesome!..I am insanely jealous of you!!! :ppI've experienced a lot of cool "psychedelic" type highs, but never anything like that...lolI wanna say that it's just really good w... Read More »

BP 139/60 pulse 82. Is that reading strange I feel pretty tired today...?

Your blood pressure is 139/60 mmHg. You have pre-hypertension. Your pulse pressure is 139--60 = 79 mmHg. Optimum pulse pressure is 40 mmHg. Pulse pressure more than 40 mmHg is abnormal.Check your l... Read More »

R&P, Guess what happened today!!!!?

I'm sorry! My account was recently suspended and I got it back! This is it. Here's what I did:-Wrote a long appeal explaining why you didnt deserve the suspension. Blame trolls.-Appeal each violati... Read More »