VEGETARIANS: Are you going to feed your children meat?

Answer If I had a child (and the chances of that happening are slim to nonexistent), I would raise him or her on a vegetarian diet.

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Vegetarians and vegans, do you feed meat to your pets?

yes. to refuse it based on grounds of cruelty is cruelty to your pet in itself.don't feel guilty. it's your pet's diet, not yours.

Vegetarians: How do you feel about touching meat for your non-vegetarian children?

My husband is an omnivore too, but I don't want uncooked meat in my kitchen, so if he wants meat he orders take-out.There are many vegetarian foods that omnivores enjoy-Veggie Lasagnahttp://allreci... Read More »

Vegetarians, would you consider going back to meat if they figured out how to grow it in vats?

I'm not a vegetarian, but I would at least try it. As our population increases, I think we'll have to come up with new techniques before we find ourselves in a Soylent Green situation.

Vegetarians:Would you let your Son/Daughter eat meat?

I'am always asked this question and I am also told I force my daughter to be vegan. Well let me answer this now for you, Yes and No.Yes, when she is old enough to make her own informed decisions ab... Read More »