VEGANS: What do you think of FREEGANS?

Answer Fantastic. True freegans are true vegans. Those who define themselves as freegans and are not, are really bin divers who happen to like the "freegan" label. True freeganism is a very interesting id... Read More »

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VEGANS: What do you think of vegetarians?

You've felt animosity from vegan people?Any person that fails to treat people with respect just because of what they eat needs some sense beat right into their thick skull.I'm vegan and I know for ... Read More »

What do most people think of vegans?

I'm vegan, and I found your question interesting. From what I see (I live in France though, where noone even knows what a vegan is), people tend to think veganism is "extreme". They generally agree... Read More »

What do you think why meat eaters do not like vegans and vegetarians?

Well, because when they see a vegetarian or a vegan, their conscience hurts them... they have some kind of remorse, because they see they're doing wrong eating meat. That's the real reason. It's ju... Read More »

Vegetarian and Vegans what do you think about man-made fruits and vegetables?

YUCK!!!!Fruits and vegetables should be ORGANIC, not man-made. For all you know, they could have been made in the same lab as some disease; may be they were made out of some unknown chemical.Sorry,... Read More »