VEGANS AND VEGETARIANS, HELP! Have you ever tried any of these products?

Answer I haven't tried any of the Veggie Patch products because they're not vegan (at least the ones I've seen are not). I've tried a few Tofurkey products; their deli slices aren't bad. Their sausages ... Read More »

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Vegetarians/Vegans: Would you ever date a meat-eater?

I'm married to one!He tried to go veg but just didn't have enough motivation I guess....maybe one day =(We eat vegetarian meals at home. If he wants to cook meat to add to his meal he can, but he ... Read More »

Vegetarians/Vegans: Do you ever hear this obnoxious statement?

LOL I love it when a vegetarian is so OBVIOUSLY MISINFORMED.Try taking a biology or chemistry course dear.You'll find that YES, humans are OMNIVORES. Just because we don't have fangs doesn't mean ... Read More »

Vegans/ Vegetarians! All needed help for a new starter!?

The difference between vegan and vegetarian is vegan is where you eat no meat, no dairy, and no animal byproducts.. When you're vegetarian, you can still have dairy like eggs, milk and cheese. That... Read More »

Vegans/Vegetarians please help me understand?