VEGAN for 30 days :)?

Answer Veganism is not a weight loss technique in and of itself. For instance, I know many overweight vegans. My thinness has something to do with my vegetarian / vegan diet, but I know it's mostly from m... Read More »

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Low fat raw vegan fat/protein days?

I would recommend plant based proteins like from beans and soy, which can be broken down readily. Avocados and nuts are a good source of fat along with coconut oil, and organic olive oil. If you pu... Read More »

How to Feed a Vegan for Three Days or More?

The following series of steps will help you to feed even the pickiest vegan coming your way. Be prepared to visit your nearest natural food store, eat some of this food yourself, and fall in love w... Read More »

Is it okay to be vegan 6 days a week and only vegetarian on the 7th day?

If someone deliberately eats something not considered vegan then that's fine - as long as she doesn't call herself a vegan. She will be a vegetarian. I mostly eat vegan, don't wear leather or silk ... Read More »

I'm a straight edge Vegan but I ate a piece of cheese pizza and a choclate bar over a period of two days.?

Just forgive yourself :3 I have done the same as you. I am a vegan, but at times I have had to eat eggs (cage free, tried to go as best I could even though I know it's all appalling) because of fin... Read More »