VBScript Sub Procedures?

Answer VBScript Sub ProceduresA Sub procedure: * is a series of statements, enclosed by the Sub and End Sub statements * can perform actions, but does not return a value * can take arguments *... Read More »

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How to Program with VBScript?

VBScipt is a very simple, yet powerful language that is Windows native. A VBScript file may be created in any text editor, then saved with the "vbs" extension to make it an executable. This is know... Read More »

VBScript Alternatives?

VBScript is a light-weight version of the Visual Basic programming language. VBScript is one of many scripting languages available. VBScript inserted into an HTML page is used to provide more dyn... Read More »

How to Update Time With VBScript?

In a Microsoft Windows environment, the system's date and time is typically set during the installation process. Then, if you ever need to update these settings, you do so via the Date and Time wiz... Read More »

How to Limit a Windows User Account's Usage Time (in Vbscript)?

Windows Vista/7's rudimentary parental controls only allow you to control a user account's login hours, but not the total time it is logged in per day. Here is a VBScript to log the hours used and ... Read More »