VB Excel form has no minimize or maximize button, only has close button?

Answer Forms in MS-Excel are not as sophisticated as they are in MS-Access, which is a much more friendly development environment.You will need to add a several lines of code to get this type of functiona... Read More »

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How to Fix Minimize/Maximize/Close in Ubuntu?

If you're new to Ubuntu or you've just installed a fresh copy like I've just finished doing, you may want to know how to put your minimize/maximize/close buttons back to the right side (Windows sty... Read More »

Would like to date a US military uniform button from American Button Co?

Not at all. They are required to carry ID to even get on base.

Big screen stopped working red light beside the on off button flashes and the tv will not respond to button or remote?

You receive an email telling you about two golden lions, if you find both of them you unlock two extra missions, after that, play to 100%!

What is the i button next to the power button on a Dell Latitude?

The "i" button next to the power button on a Dell Latitude laptop computer activates Latitude ON. Latitude ON is a feature on some Dell laptops that allows a user to check email and browse the Inte... Read More »