V Belts & Pulleys Training?

Answer A V-belt is part of a power transmission system. Its function is to transfer rotation from a powered pulley to one or more other pulleys. V-belt and pulley training enables auto workers to learn ho... Read More »

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How Belts & Pulleys Work?

Belts and pulleys are used together to generate force to move objects. They are easy to construct and can be used to lift a variety of weights and objects easier than manually moving them yourself.

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How to Use Pulleys?

You can use a pulley to change the direction of a force to lift an object. Pulleys can also be part of a system that allows you to lift an object with less force. You can think of a pulley system a... Read More »

Instructions on Pulleys?

Pulleys and drive belts make up a large segment of fractional and multiple horsepower drive systems found in myriad powered devices and equipment used in industry, transportation and domestic appli... Read More »