Uvula swelling and turning slightly yellow at the bottom of it about six hours after tonsillectomy?

Answer When blood isn't exposed to air it turns white instead of scabbing, like it does if you skin your knee. This will continue until the scabs drop off at about 10 days. The uvula swelling is just pa... Read More »

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I'm diabetic and my two of my toes on the same foot are turning blue. One of the nails is turning yellow.?

If you have an endocrinologist, go and see them! Otherwise you may need to see a vascular surgeon.These are signs of peripheral neuropathy and can be very serious. I URGE you to see a doctor. But D... Read More »

My eyes have gone slightly bad after wearing glasses for 7 hours yesterday?

are they bad with the glasses or without? if they are bad with, then they are probably just adjusting to the new prescription, which is normal. if they are bad without, then it just seems that way ... Read More »

Why Is My Lawn Turning Yellow?

A yellowing lawn not only reduces aesthetic appeal of the landscape but indicates a health problem requiring immediate action. Care for yellow grass with good cultural practices to control the prob... Read More »

Why Is My Sycamore Turning Yellow?

Sycamore trees rarely grow well on a residential lot, due to a lack of space. The trees grow 70 to 100 feet high and have invasive roots and leaf litter that create problems for homeowners. They ma... Read More »