Utility Worker Job Description?

Answer A utility worker performs various tasks that help people get through the day. Though often overlooked, everyday tasks like turning on the lights and flushing the toilet are made possible because of... Read More »

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Utility Supervisor Job Description?

Utilities jobs work directly with necessities such as water, electrical systems, heating and steam generation. Utility supervisors manage groups of people involved with these systems. Their work he... Read More »

Job Description for a Utility Administrator?

A utility administrator manages the distribution of electric, natural gas or water to homes and businesses. Utility administrators handle a wide array of duties--from hiring and directing workers t... Read More »

I need a brief description for a JEWELRY/UTILITY BOX?

many of these boxes have compartments to keep different classes of items separate. like flies and bobbers for a fisher and earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches.

Job Description for a Cafeteria Worker?

Cafeteria workers prepare and serve food in a cafeteria setting. Most cafeteria workers are part-time servers, while others work a full-time schedule in elementary and secondary school settings or ... Read More »