Utah CDL Masking Laws?

Answer Masking laws are those regulations in which a CDL license holder's conviction can be reduced, dismissed, expunged or covered by a cost. CDL masking laws downgrade the penalties for road violations,... Read More »

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Utah ATV Laws?

The regulations and programs surrounding the use of ATVs in the state of Utah are managed by the Utah State Parks and Recreation division. ATVs are considered Off-Highway Vehicles, or OHVs under Ut... Read More »

Utah Prescriptive Use Laws?

Vigilance over personal property rights is important, particularly in predominantly rural states like Utah where somebody can take some of those rights without the owner's knowledge. When someone c... Read More »

Utah Garnishment Laws?

Utah saw 8,906 bankruptcy filings in the first 10 months of 2010 alone, according to statistics from While incomplete, this shows a picture of the debt crisis in Utah, where the ba... Read More »

Utah Child Abandonment Laws?

Utah has laws in place to protect children relinquished by their parents. Child abandonment is as an act of child abuse as defined by Utah codes, and under certain circumstances is punishable as a... Read More »