Usually how long do you spend on internet ?

Answer once in a two or three days!I'm usually a busy person.

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How long do you normally spend on the internet?

Tooooo Loooong. So much daily ground to cover. E-mails, news, news, news, research. And now here.

How many hours do you spend on the internet?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know where can i spend my free time on the Internet?

there is a thing called stumble upon it installs a toolbar. You pick the topics you want to see websites about like arts, humor, science tech, etc. I like psychological sites. You click the butt... Read More »

Tell me how much time u spend on internet everyday?

I work via the internet, so I spend an average of between 12 - 14 hours online each day. In the recent past, it was much more! ;-)Sometimes I joke that the internet was invented just for me... I... Read More »