Using toilet paper and a pad for heavy period?

Answer **** girl! I got the same problem! I use a **** load of tissues n paper towel n I kinda like it better than pads.... its not unhealthy its just werid but but u gotta do what u gotta do "LOL"

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When i wipe i see a bunch of blood on the toilet paper am i getting my period i am 14 and never had my period?

Awwwh...Yes dear congratulations for you maturity into womanhood. Another flower has blossomed. Be sure not to loose your petals anytime soon.

Why do Muslims wash their bum with water after using the toilet and non-muslims use toilet paper?

peace be upon youwhat is your opinion , what is better , cleaner , healthier?Islam want peole clean and healthy.

How to Make a Star of David Using 2 Old Toilet Paper Rolls?

This might sound weird, but, hey, it is fun to do when you're bored!

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