Using the video on Photobooth in a MacBook?

Answer on apples website u can download extensions to photo booth to get more effects!here are some links:……http://b-l-a... Read More »

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How to turn off photobooth flash on my macbook?

Hold Shift and click the shutter button.Hold Option to take a shot without the count down.Option + Shutter eliminates the countdown on TigerBoth of these tricks worked on1 0.5.1 (leopard) If you ha... Read More »

How do I download video from my Digital Video Camera recorder(AG-DVX100) to my MacBook Pro?

Hi. You first need software on your MacBook to "talk to" your video camera. There are several applications that will work fine. Some are inexpensive and may already be on your computer (iMovie, ... Read More »

How can I edit a m4l video on a MacBook Pro?

Too bad you did not tell us what camera you are using to capture these m4l files or how you got that file from the camcera/camcorder to the Mac. That would have been very helpful. I am not aware th... Read More »

How do I burn a DVD video with MacBook Pro?

Insert DVDInsert a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW into your MacBook's disk drive. Select "Open Finder" from the drop-down menu of the dialog box that appears.Locate FilesLocate the files you want to burn to... Read More »