Using the "safely remove hardware" function. Is it necessary if...?

Answer Yes, you are correct in your assumption. The function's purpose is basically to cut down on help & support e-mails from idiots who jerk their devices out of the computer when they're not supposed t... Read More »

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Should I click on the "safely remove hardware "icon at the bottom right of my computer when I remove a device?

You should ALWAYS switch a USB device like a flash drive, memory card, camera off using the "safely remove hardware" or you can corrupt it or the files on it.Despite what a couple of people have sa... Read More »

How do you remove the USB "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the task bar?

right click start menu barchoose propertiesat customizechoose the iconalways hideokor just add the hardware bycontrol panel>printers and faxes>add a printerthen it will be considered as a add on ha... Read More »

How to Safely Remove Hardware on a Generic 2 Reader CF USB?

All types of removable storage are detected the same way by your computer. Whether it's an external hard drive, thumb drive, memory card, or compact flash, your computer reads it as a removable sto... Read More »

What will happen if I fail to "safely remove hardware"?

Hi, firstly, I too haven't always used safely remove hardware. I don't know whether it was a coincidence, but my computer blue screened after I took my flash drive out without using it. Even now I ... Read More »