Using music on my youtube vids?

Answer A partner can make (a trickle of) money out of YT. If YT allows people to make money out of copyright infrigement they render themselves liable. So the answer is 'no' unless you have permission.You... Read More »

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How to delete YouTube vids!!?

you go to your account then click on video management and delete them :)

How can i download youtube vids?

This is the best, works for me.Just copy and paste the URL and click download.x

Using music on a Youtube video?

Usually ipod on youtube sounds low quality. Also the music which you use should not be copyrighted, if it is Youtube usually bans such videos or mute the music of the video.

Is there any way to download vids off youtube?

so far i have tried all kinda of plug ins and everything and the only way i have found to do it is to look it up in the cache.using firefox, clear the cache and watch the video then type "about:cac... Read More »