Using getc() in C to read characters?

Answer Sounds like you want something like this:  func( FILE *fp, int *resultp ) {      *resultp = getc( fp );      return 0;  }Note that the 'resultp' parameter is a pointer to an 'int', ... Read More »

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R&P: I have no clue how to put this into 120 characters, so read on.?

We should have "3 days of Peace" with woodstock, but R&P style....and hopefully then it will continue over to just a general respect and peace with them....Oh, and to answer your questio... Read More »

How to Read Clearly Hard to See Characters Using U4 Screen Magnifer?

Who can read the characters of the picture?There are many websites which ask us to input characters to complete a form for security reasons. Some are very hard to read."U4 Screen Magnifier" is a sh... Read More »

In Excel, is it possible to set cells replace certain characters with others (read for info)?

There are ways to make characters change automatically to other characters. And this usually ends up being handled through VBA code, normally at the "Worksheet_SelectionChange" routine or at the "... Read More »

If you have read the League of Extraordinary Gentleman series,is the list of characters on Wikipedia accurate?

Seen the film. But Wikipedia is always correct, if you are more than 100% sure that they are not, just message them and they will either tell you that you are completely and utterly wrong and are s... Read More »