Using a flash drive, will it transfer viruses?

Answer A flash drive can carry viruses, but it depends on whether or not you transfer files that have viruses attached. If you are just transferring files such music, pictures, word files, etc, chances ar... Read More »

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Can you scan a flash drive for viruses (10 pts)?

it's safer if you scan yur flashdrive on its own...plug in the flashdrive > my computer > right click F drive > scan with....

Is it possible to transfer viruses from your laptop to an external hard drive?

You should scan the laptop thoroughly before transferring anything. You can't possibly say this or that file is clean if the system is infected!The key words here are SAFE MODE with Networking!!!D... Read More »

How do i transfer data using a flash drive?

First Step for All UsersInsert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer. The port will be rectangular in shape and its size will correspond to one end of the flash drive. Locate the file ... Read More »

How do i transfer movies to flash drive?

Connect the flash drive to any available USB port. After a few seconds, the name of the flash drive will be displayed a in pop-up in the taskbar. Make note of the name. Click the "Start" button in ... Read More »