Using a Micro SD card in the adapter as an SD Card?

Answer Yes...but it is a little slower

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Can you use the adapter to convert a micro SDHC card into a SDHC card?

A regular microSD-to-SD adapter should also work for HC cards. Try it and see.

Is the SIM card required when getting a micro SIM card?

They will need your phone number and pin/password. The sim is useless if they can't read the number printed on the top of the sim.

How can i transfer all of my pictures from my 512 mb micro sd card from my cellphone to the big micro sd?

if you transfer directly ,it will be troublesome and slow.You can use a sd card reader,first transfer the pictures to computer,then from the computer transfer to the big micro sdhope it will help y... Read More »

What is a micro sd card?

A microSD card is a removable flash memory card that is specifically designed to use in cellular phones. MicroSD is the smallest memory card format available and is about the size of a fingernail. ... Read More »