Using a Master Page to create a 2 column CSS layout?

Answer The Master Page in our example will include a CSS file which defines the layout and we can then just create Content Pages that rely on the Master Page for their layout.Below is our simple styleshee... Read More »

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How do I create two Web pages with a master page?

Open a Web page creation software package like Dreamweaver. Create a new page and put everything you want on the master page. This might be all of your company or personal information. Include in t... Read More »

The layout of a web page depends on the tags used, not on the layout of the source file. RIght?

How to Create and Apply Master Page in an Adobe FrameMaker Document?

All FrameMaker documents consist of body pages, reference pages, and master pages. These pages are automatically created whenever you create a new FrameMaker document. Body pages contain the conten... Read More »

How to Create Multiple Reports With the Same Layout Using Access 2007?

The Microsoft Office Access 2007 database managing software allows users to track and report information from a database. Users can also create electronic reports or forms that can be sent through ... Read More »