Using Skype with a web cam?

Answer a combination of Skype and webcam often results in a PC virus known as *errordontspoilmyimage*'s probably not his fault, He has taken the webcam out of the box ...right?

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How long will a 3GB data bundle last using skype with web cam in South Africa?

Hi James,It depends how often you Skype and how good quality the video is.3GB should last around 50 hours of normal quality video calling on Skype.If you are entering a contract - 8.ta have bundles... Read More »

Why has skype windows live messenger merged with skype?

They merged because of Microsoft purchased Skype and choose to combine Skype the live messenger.

Is there any way i can skype with my friend without skype?

Well no. You both must have Skype in order to have a Skype based conversation.

Call pizza using skype?

if you order a pizza with skype, the number will show 000-012-3456 on there caller ID, and they will not send you a pizza, because they need a number there can call back on!